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Year-Round Plants to Add to Your Garden

You don’t have to wait for spring and summer to have a gorgeous, blooming garden or to fill your home with colorful plants. Unlike closets – and our moods – there are several flowers and plants that aren’t affected by the changing seasons. Choose from these strong survivor year-round plants to decorate your home and garden :



These flowering shrubs will thrive whether they’re planted in a container or straight in the ground. While they live all year, the different variants of this plant will bloom at different times, with different colored petals. To guarantee a garden that’s always filled with vibrant florals, plant a few different types of camellias together. Even when they aren’t blooming, camellias fill landscape beds with their lush, evergreen foliage. This creates a fabulous backdrop for other colorful shrubs and flowers you may plant around the camellias.



This elegant plant blooms a beautiful bouquet of huge, trumpet-shaped flowers in plenty of variants, grouped by color and style. While they look extraordinarily impressive, you don’t need to have an expert green thumb to nurture amaryllis plants. Once you plant the bulb, you only need to water sparingly as this plant will thrive in soil that’s barely moist. Amaryllis will bloom between November and April, but after this plant is done flowering, you can keep the bulbs growing until they’re ready to flower again the following year. Otherwise, you can discard the bulbs or try planting a different type of amaryllis until you find your favorite variant.



These lush plants, shrubs and trees are the perfect garden staples to keep your garden looking alive all year long. Thankfully, they never lose their rich, green color and are known for surviving extreme weather. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, and they require little watering once they’re planted. Some will even bloom at different times of the year for welcome pops of color and elegance in your garden.



With a name that means “through the years,” perennials are plants that live for more than two years. There are plenty to choose from, including coneflowers, which will attract birds to your garden as well as asters, which will bring lots of butterflies to your yard. Bluestar, Japanese silver grass, bergenia, geranium and Russian sage also fall into this long-lasting category. With choices all over the aesthetic spectrum, perennials offer plenty of creative freedom when landscaping your home. If you choose more sensitive perennials, such as petunias or coleus, you may want to plant them in a container so you can easily bring them indoors if the weather gets too cold during the winter.


If you’re looking to brighten your home with an elegant indoor plant, check out our best-selling plants. When you’re ready to venture outside and revive your garden this spring, consider choosing some of these year-round plants to enjoy the benefits of your gardening for many months to come. Happy planting!

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