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A helpful guide: What flowers last the longest?

A helpful guide: What flowers last the longest?

There's nothing like a bright bouquet to add some joy to your life and freshen up your home. Whether in your home office, family room or foyer, beautiful flowers are one of the easiest ways to add a dose of color as well as bring in a pleasant aroma. That's why it's always disappointing when these blossoms begin to wilt or die. Fortunately, some blossoms have a longer life span, meaning you can enjoy them for weeks to come.

If you're looking to give the gift of flowers or simply want to buy some for yourself, consider these long-lasting varieties:


According to Amateur Gardening, seed firm Johnsons of Suffolk evaluated multiple popular flower species to determine how long they stayed fresh after cutting. Zinnia came out as No. 1, with flowers lasting a whopping 24 days with the water changed every two days. In fact, the company said that the blossoms were "as good as the day they were picked" 17 days into the study.


These exotic flowers don't just boast an elegant appearance, they also have an impressive life span. While all varieties of orchid are long-lasting (up to three weeks in a vase), cymbidiums are especially robust as they aren't as fragile as other kinds, so petals are less prone to damage. Just make sure to change their water every one to two days and trim the stems. Whenever you spot any faded flowers, pluck them off to rejuvenate the stem's energy.


There's a reason carnations are such a popular choice. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, they are a budget-friendly bloom, and they can last between two to three weeks. Remember to remove any petals or leaves that hit water level or below to keep your carnations healthy in a vase.


These flowers come in stunning shades of purple and blue, and they'll stay vibrant for up to 14 days as long as you care for them properly. However, ethylene gas can be harmful to these delicate blossoms, so be sure to keep them away from any fresh produce.


It's hard to beat these flowers when it comes to a long vase life. Chrysanthemums, which come in almost any color you can think of, can last up to 25 to 30 days. Still, these blooms demand clean water every day. To get the most out of your bouquet, you might also want to trim their stems on a daily basis, too. Since you'll be trimming them so often, it's wise to go for chrysanthemums with long stems.


Whether pink, orange, white or purple, these breathtaking blossoms are relatively hardy. In fact, they will last up to two weeks, and English-grown alstroemeria may last three weeks.


These funnel-shaped flowers will brighten up your home for up to 10 days or more. However, they are a thirsty variety, so you need to keep an eye on the water level to make sure they are sufficiently hydrated.


Also commonly known as "birds of paradise," this tropical and eccentric flower has oddly-shaped petals and thick, tall stems – but that's not the only unusual thing about them. They can also stay fresh in a vase for up to two weeks.


One of the best traits of these flowers is their unparalleled fragrance. They'll look as wonderful as they smell for seven to 10 days, provided they are watered and tended to regularly.


These flowers, also known as statice, are a popular choice as a filler in floral arrangements. Why? Not only are these tiny flowers, which are available in a variety of colors, rather striking, but they have a vase life of up to two weeks.

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