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Unconventional bouquets ideal for Valentine's

by webdev

January 25, 2011

A lot of couples are looking forward to this year's Valentine's Day on February 14, but many may choose to celebrate it in unconventional ways, according to

In fact, some may even take it so far as to celebrate the holiday on a different day to avoid the rush. This can be a fun excuse to go to restaurants a little earlier than usual and may be ideal if Valentine's Day seems a little hectic.

Do-It-Yourself gifts are another popular way for couples to personalize the experience. Whether one makes a CD or creates a colorful and unique card, this can be a great way to keep the occasion low-key and intimate.

Unconventional bouquets are also a special way to commemorate the day. Send flowers for Valentine's Day to a significant other's doorstep, but try to choose an alternative to roses, such as beautiful potted plants that will last for weeks to come.

When one does receive flowers for the holiday, it's best to keep them away from heaters, because this can dry out the soil and leave the plant dehydrated, according to The Flint Journal. Likewise, avoid putting them by drafty windowsills.


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