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Putting on the Luxe! Add Class to Your Outdoor Celebration!

by webdev

May 01, 2014

Putting on the Luxe! Add Class to Your Outdoor Celebration!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you'll be able to plan your first outdoor fete of the season. But, while warm weather means shorter sleeves and longer days, it also means you need to pay close attention to your outdoor decor so nothing wilts in the heat. For a simple guide to help you decide how to decorate, take a look at the inspirations below:


The best flowers for a spring or summer party are full of color! Create a display of sunflowers, red roses, dainty purple blooms and green leaves for a vibrant bouquet. Cactus Dahlias are great for warm weather too. They'll stand up to the heat, and their unusual spiky appearance and bright colors will add drama to any table.

Shop for Sunny Day Pitcher of Joy Bouquet
Sunny Day Pitcher of Joy Bouquet

If you want to go another route, try potted plants like ferns on your table. You won't have to worry about the heat affecting your blooms, and potted plants are a unique touch. You can also opt for some succulents, which don't require much maintenance but still provide a beautiful look for your decor.

Shop for Peaceful Zen Garden succuletns
Peaceful Zen Garden succulents

Daffodils are another great choice because they are used to warmer climates, are bursting with color and can really make an impact at the center of your party.


Embrace the season and decorate your tables with summery centerpieces! One creative option is to include oranges, lemons and limes in your display. Arrange an armful of white lilies, roses and hydrangeas in a vase for a pale backdrop, and then add your vibrant fruits. You can place a few inside the vase for an unexpected splash of color, or add some around your flowers on the table. Don't forget a few punches of green for a natural look, and you're sure to create a wonderful-smelling centerpiece!

Another option for a more rustic look is to gather some old or antique watering cans and re-purpose them into vases for some bright tulips! They'll look like you just picked them from the garden if you allow the tulips to rest lazily in their new vase. Tulips also grow in colors like pink, white and purple. Blend them into the rest of your decor or let them stand out against a neutral backdrop.

Food and drinks

Hosting a spring or summer party means enjoying the weather with refreshing drinks and dishes. Take your cue from the seasons and include fruits and vegetables in every dish. You can prepare summery salads made with ingredients like pickled cucumber or tomato and avocado. Picnic sandwiches are a great entree option if you don't want to worry about bringing utensils outside. Try a turkey caprese sandwich with fresh tomatoes and basil. Picnic foods are great for events like these because you can make them in advance and they travel with ease.

Offer your family and guests refreshing glasses of water with fruit or vegetable-infused ice cubes! They're sure to keep their cool no matter what the temperature. Cucumber puree, orange-lime and lemon-raspberry are just three options.

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