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Five of the world's strangest flowers

by webdev

November 05, 2010

While flowers are most often appreciated for their beauty and sweet fragrance, the more peculiar types are considered impressive for the foul smells and incredible sizes. reports that five of the five weirdest flowers in the world are the Rafflesia arnoldii, the welwitschia, the hydnora triceps, the draculunus vulgaris and the corpse flower.

Rafflesia arnoldii is one of the largest flowers in the world. It weighs 25 pounds, stands three feet tall and produces an unpleasant smell. While its weight is undoubtedly awing, what is most intriguing about the flower is that it survives by eating other plants.

Much like the rafflesia arnolid, the hydnora triceps lives off other plants and grows its fruit and flowers underground. The plant pollinates by omitting a foul odor from its flowers.

The welwitschia, known for its longevity, can live from 400 to 1,500 years sports just two leaves on its stem base and grows up to 12 feet.

Perhaps most recognizable is the snake lily, or the draculunus vulgaris, which is native to the Balkans and famous for its inflorescence glow, which it emits at night in order to a attract insects. The draculunus also omits an undesirable smell to encourage insect pollination.

The corpse flower is another giant, standing at six feet tall and 45 inch wide. This plant grows the largest flower in the world and reportedly smells like rotten meat.

Those who are tired of common red rose bouquets and would like to go for something a little more exotic - but lighter than the heavy rafflesia arnoldii - may want to consider purchasing a bouquet of orange or purple calla lilies, according to


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