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Go ahead, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

Valentine’s Day is typically a holiday reserved for couples, since it represents love and romance. Even though girlfriends and boyfriends are sure to feel loved this February 14 thanks to gifts of chocolates and flowers, what about the countless singles around the nation? A study conducted by scientists from Rutgers University found flowers have the power to boost people’s moods. They could even lift the spirits of singles around the nation on what could otherwise be a slightly upsetting day. 

Researchers conducted three different studies to test flowers’ effects on people’s emotional and physical well-being. In the first study, flowers were given to women, and scientists noticed they always accepted the flowers with a genuine smile. Looking closer, they found women who received flowers tended to maintain positive moods three days after the bouquets were given. The second study involved flowers being given to men or women in an elevator, which promoted more positive social behavior among both sexes than other stimulants. The third study called for flowers to be delivered to elderly people. This resulted in them feeling more positive, while improving their cognitive ability.

The data may prove that you no longer need an excuse to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, since it may help improve your entire attitude. So go ahead and purchase an arrangement of orchids for Valentine’s Day like Teleflora’s Secret Oasis tropical bouquet, to reap the benefits.

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Secret Oasis tropical Bouquet

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