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Gardening season is almost here and if you're delighted to be able to get your hands dirty and see the literal fruits (vegetables and flowers) of your labor,  it might be a good idea to figure out the best way to garden. You might think gardening is as easy as making a hole, planting seeds and watering the blossoms until the appear out of the ground, but there is a lot more to this outdoor activity than meets the eye. Here are a few tips that will help your garden become the envy of the neighborhood:

Pick the perfect spot
When it comes to gardening, picking any old spot in the back or side yard certainly won't do. The garden and flower pros at Keeper of the Home blog believe it's best for new gardeners to survey their land to find an area that gets both shade and sun. You can take picking a spot one step further by figuring out your gardening zones. 

According to the news outlet, there are 11 specific zones ranging from arctic all the way to tropical. Those interested in taking a peak at what their gardening zone is can check out The United States National Arboretum website, where it lists what zones certain states fall into.

Select your soil
Once you've picked out the ideal spot for your garden, you'll need to consider what type of soil to use to help your blossoms grow. There are three main types of soil: sandy, loamy and clay varieties, while the majority of  soils on the market tend to be a mix of at least two. Luckily, many local nurseries or home improvement shops will be able to help you decipher which soil is best based on where you live. 

Other tips to consider
Now that you know where and what type of soil to use it might be smart to learn a few other tips from seasoned gardeners. The experts at HGTV recently offered some advice on common issues that arise during gardening. One of the most surprising tips is to use vegetable cooking water to nourish your garden.

The next time you boil or steam any vegetables, simply wait for the used water to cool and then pour it over your plants, they're sure to flourish thanks to this veggie bath. Another easy tip to try is to use your leftover tea bags or coffee grounds as soil. The news source recommends sprinkling about a quarter-of-an-inch of the grounds on top of plants like azaleas, gardenia or rhododendrons once a month. The grounds help boost the acidity in the soil, something plants life these love.

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