6 Destinations for the Perfect Fall Honeymoon

Although lounging on a beach is the stereotypical image of a honeymoon, not all couples want a tropical vacation. For some, mild climates and beautiful foliage are the perfect environment for romance. Couples getting married in the fall can take advantage of the season to enjoy great autumn destinations. Put on an oversized sweater and start sipping cider – here are six places that would make the perfect fall honeymoon: 1) Napa Valley, California Wine-loving couples will be absolutely thrilled by spending their honeymoon in Napa Valley. Fall is the perfect time for this trip, since that's when wine-making is in full swing. There will be plenty of opportunities to tour vineyards and bottling lines, and you'll be able to get a real look at how wine is made.  In addition, Napa Valley is absolutely stunning in the fall. You can take a gondola up to a peak to check out an aerial view of the colorful valley below.  2) Alaska Alaska is the perfect place for couples looking to have a nature-centric honeymoon. As fall arrives and the days get shorter, it becomes easier and easier to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Picture it: You and your new spouse cuddled beneath a blanket, staring up at the rainbow lights streaking across the sky. Between the natural sky show and the dense foliage, Alaska is a super romantic destination for couples willing to brave the cold.  3) Vermont If fall means changing leaves and apple picking, then Vermont is like concentrated autumn. Another exciting spot for couples looking to adventure outdoors, the state is full of forests for hiking and exploring.  Since... read more

October’s Birthstones are the Picture of Variety

People born in October have it all. They get to have a birthday party at the peak of pumpkin spice and sweater season, and they can celebrate to the dulcet tones of Bobby Picket singing, "The Monster Mash." As if that wasn't enough to make everyone else jealous, they also have an almost startling level of birthstone variety.  It's not because they have two birthstones: they're not alone there, since November and March also double up, and December and June go all out with three. It's that both of October's birthstones – opal and tourmaline – have an almost unparalleled level of variety in their look and color. If you or someone in your life has an October birthday coming up, here's a quick guide to these incredibly diverse stones. Opal If you could make a rainbow solid, it would probably look something like an Opal. In fact, that's one of the mythological sources of the stone: In Indian lore, the Goddess of Rainbows turned to stone to avoid the romantic advances of other deities, and thus Opal was created. Looking at the stone, it's no wonder it has such a fantastical mythos surrounding it.  Opals come in a range of colors, although they all share some traits in common. Opal almost always has an iridescent sheen, with bright flashes of color from all across the rainbow. They also usually feature patterns, with large blocks of color popping out from the base shade.  Because Opal isn't a crystal, it's usually polished to have a smooth, rounded finish. This smoothed face lets the shimmery aspect of the stone really stand out, and is... read more

DIY Flower Costumes for Kids

If you're looking for a totally cute costume for your child that you can make yourself, consider creating a flower costume. The great thing about flower costumes is that because there are so many types of flowers, there's a ton of variety in what your costume can look like. Flower costumes can be any color or style, and there's a DIY trick out there for every skill level. If you're ready to turn your child into your favorite blossom, here are some ideas to get you started: Keep It Simple Not everyone is up for making a costume from scratch. If you'd prefer to keep things simple that's totally fine! For a super quick, super easy costume, dress your child in all green so their body is the "stem" of the flower. You can add the flower itself a few different ways: You can use face paint to draw petals on on his or her face, or have or her wear a big, flowery headband. A variation on this costume that requires a little more work (but is still pretty basic) is to use white clothes, and glue or sew felt in the shape of a stem with leaves on the shirt.  Make a Headband If you're going for the smiley-faced daisy look, you can make a petal headband at home. Make your petals using either stiff felt, or softer fabric supported with wires. If your material is stiff, you'll only need to cut it out. If you're using wire,  the wire into a petal shape and then drape the fabric over it. Secure it with thread or fabric glue.  Then, attach the... read more

Halloween Classroom Decorations

Halloween is one of the most fun – and visually exciting – times of year for kids. That's why it's a great opportunity to decorate your classroom and get kids ready for the season. Here are some ideas for how to capture that Halloween spirit and make your classroom totally spooktacular: Fake Cobwebs Probably the simplest way to give your classroom a (slightly) creepy atmosphere is to use fake cobwebs. You can get these in bulk at Halloween and party stores, and then just go crazy with them. The greatest thing about them is that they work in any amount: You can lightly drape them across surfaces for a subtle, spooky vibe, or go all out and give your classroom the complete "abandoned schoolroom" look.  Halloween Colors Deck your classroom out in Halloween colors leading up to the holiday. Decorating the room with lots of orange, black and deep purple work particularly well for classes with younger children, since they capitalize on the aesthetic of the month without being too creepy or scary. You can incorporate these colors into your usual classroom decorations: For example, you could swap out your usual whiteboard and cork board borders for some in fun, Halloweeny hues. If you usually have flowers on your desk, replace them with Teleflora's Spooky Sweet decoration, which comes with a (friendly-looking) spider crawling up the flowers. This is also a great opportunity to get the kids in your class involved: Have them make paper chains out of construction paper to hang on the walls. They'll be super excited to be involved in the decorating process and to see their hard... read more
Showing Teacher Appreciation with Flowers

Showing Teacher Appreciation with Flowers

If you have kids, odds are you have participated in a class birthday extravaganza. You’ve undoubtedly been to more children’s parties than you can count, and probably have a closet with a few “just in case” kid gifts for those times when you forgot that little Johnny’s party is today instead of next Saturday. But when is the last time you celebrated a teacher’s birthday? We worked with Danielle from Simmworks Family Blog to come up with a few ways to express gratitude and appreciation for all that teachers do. “We love teachers. And love showing them our appreciation of them. So this year, during the first week back, we decided to shower them with a few gifts,” she says. Danielle’s idea started simply enough, wanting to show that the class cares for their teachers. She helped put together a display in the lounge including some extra school supplies that they could take as needed, as well as a movie night package for each teacher. The final gift component was a Fun ‘n Festive Bouquet from Teleflora to cheerily celebrate the class spirit. “I don’t know about you but receiving a flower delivery just brings a huge smile to my face. It makes me feel good. And always brightens up the house or office,” Danielle explained. “So one of my favorite things to give when it comes to a gift giving occasion like a birthday, celebration, anniversary, etc. are flowers.” See the steps involved in bringing Danielle’s gift together over at Simmworks Family Blog. And next time you’re looking to celebrate a teacher, whether it’s for their birthday or... read more
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