Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall bridal bouquets and centerpieces are often adorned with autumnal foliage and decorations such as branches, oak leaves, acorns and crab apples. It is often the colors, as much as the actual flowers that are important. Rich reds, fiery oranges and beautiful yellows mixed with brown, gold, green, amber and russet colors.

September, October and November brides may celebrate the natural landscape of the season by holding the wedding ceremony under an oak tree, use crisp fallen leaves to line the aisle. Or, how about holding the wedding around 6:00pm with a gorgeous orange autumn sunset as the backdrop? Many wineries, barns and antique inns represent the perfect setting for a fall wedding. A popular trend is to hold a rustic wedding outdoors - the guests sit on hay bales and the bride's carriage is a horse drawn hay-wagon. Follow it with a reception in a beautiful barn.

In autumn, some interesting fruits become available that can be used in wedding arrangements. Crab apples last from now through to the winter and can look very attractive. Fall boutonnieres can incorporate oak leaves and acorns. Also decorate with dried greenery, heirloom pumpkin, figs and ornamental cabbage.

List of Fall Wedding Flowers in Season

Asiatic Lily, Asters, Calla Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Gerbera daisies, Gladioli, Marigolds, Roses, Sunflowers, Zinnias

asiatic lily Asiatic Lily
celosia Celosia
dahlia Dahlia
orange gerbera Orange Gerbera
alstroemeria purple Purple Alstroemeria
calla lily Calla Lily
chrysanthemum disbud Chrysanthemum, disbud
leucadendron Leucadendron
rose Rose
bi-color rose Bi-color Rose
yarrow Yarrow

Filler stems round out a bouquet and come in a variety of exciting colors. Stems that are available year-round include:

queen anne's lace Queen Anne's Lace
solidago Solidago
waxflower Waxflower
limonium Limonium
montecasino aster Montecasino Aster
statice sinuata Statice Sinuata
gypsophila Gypsophila
hypericum Hypericum