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Top Christmas Flowers

Top Christmas Flowers
Top Christmas Flowers

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Cue the rockin’ around the Christmas tree, kissing under the mistletoe and indulging in all things joyful and bright. Fill your spaces with red, green and white blooms for a welcoming touch of Christmas cheer. Flowers brighten any occasion, and we’re here to bring you the best flowers for Christmas. From poinsettias to wreaths, embrace the holiday spirit with these festive blooms:



These cherry red and deep green beauties are the most recognizable Christmas flower—even though poinsettias are actually plants. While their bright leaves look like flower petals, poinsettias are the most popular potted plant of the season. Thankfully, the rumors of their poisonous nature are not true, other than mildy to your pet! Stick with red or put a twist on tradition with a white poinsettia. Even better, display both red and white together for layers of festive florals.



Tall and graceful with dramatic red blooms and elegant green leaves, amaryllis is another holiday favorite. This flowering plant adds vibrant color and a sweet, delicate scent to any space. It’s perfect by the fireplace, on the dining table as a statement centerpiece, or in your office. In tropical climates, you can even plant it in the garden when the holiday’s over.


Teleflora's Festive Pines Bouquet
Teleflora's Festive Pines Bouquet

Red and White Roses

You may not immediately think red roses for Christmas but they are actually a festive flower that brightens the holiday season. The red rose traditionally means love, but some believe it represents the blood of Christ during the Christmas season. Red roses paired with pinecones and ribbons give off a chic and rustic vibe. White roses symbolize purity and peace, adding a gentle touch of winter elegance to your holiday decor. With light blue hydrangea, other white flowers and sparkling accents, florists use white roses to create winter wonderland inspired arrangements.


White Lilies

These enchanted blooms are a brilliant white, embodying a peaceful, hopeful and spirited holiday season. Traditionally, lilies are symbolic of the Virgin Mary. Aesthetically, they add a timeless look to any winter bouquet. Plus, their fresh scent complements the traditional evergreen and earthy pine fragrances of Christmas.


Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Legend says the traditional evergreen Christmas trees have magical healing powers, and the circular shape of wreaths further symbolizes everlasting life. A classic wreath is complete with juniper, red berries and a decorative red bow. We also encourage getting creative with your magical evergreens, decorating them to fit your family’s style and endearing quirks. For smaller spaces like dorms, apartments and offices, choose a festive mini tree!

While these are the top flowers for Christmas, any type you choose will add a festive touch to your home! Send them to yourself, friends, and family members for a touching gift this year that is different from all the rest!