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10 Ways to Repurpose Your Teleflora Christmas Vase

Repurpose Your Teleflora Christmas Vase
Repurpose Your Teleflora Christmas Vase

Unfortunately, bouquets don’t last forever, and Christmas flower arrangements are no exception. However, the good news is that even once your blooms have reached the end of their lifespan, their vase doesn’t have to! Teleflora’s unique Christmas bouquets and centerpiece vases are perfectly crafted to complement the flowers they hold and so, they vary in material, size, shape and color. This means there’s no shortage of ways to reuse these flower vases!

For example, the White Poinsettia arrangement and Tannenbaum Basket are displayed in delightful wicker containers. Of course, a glass vase is a staple and we have many styles in this material, from the Winter Glow Centerpiece's decorative Mercury Glass Vase to the red cube in Teleflora's Merry & Bright. If you like porcelain and terracotta, check out the Simply Merry Centerpiece’s French country pot or the Merry Christmas Cactus pot.

No matter your vase preference, they have so many other potential uses! Check out some of our favorite tips on how to reuse flower vases:

  1. Terrarium: Spherical glass vases are perfect for housing pebbles, soil and self-sustaining plants. These are essentially tiny gardens but don’t keep any live animals in them!
  2. Candle Holder: Whether the original bouquet or centerpiece had a candle (or multiple), any of our heat-safe vases will make a stunning and distinctive candle holder.
  3. Candy/Snack Bowl: After a good wash, your decorative vase can be repurposed as an intriguing container for popcorn, M&Ms or whatever treats you want to serve your guests.
  4. Collection Display: If you like collecting odds and ends like wine corks, try storing them in a vase. That way, you can show off your collection to your visitors!
  5. Bathroom Storage: Instead of storing hygiene essentials like cotton balls in boring plastic storage containers, why not use a pretty vase instead?
  6. Utensils Holder: Keep your knives, forks and spoons in the vase on your dining table. Or, place the vase in your kitchen and use it to store cooking/baking implements like spatulas and mixing spoons.
  7. Lamp: Place some fairy lights in a translucent glass to create a unique and enchanting light source for any room in the house.
  8. Desk Organizer: Desks can get messy so, instead of a run-of-the-mill pencil case or bag, keep your pens, pencils and other stationery in your vase.
  9. Herb Garden: Intrepid chefs will understand the importance of using fresh herbs in their dishes. Temporarily store herbs you’ve plucked from your garden (or bought from a store, we don’t judge) in your vase with some water in between preparing meals.
  10. Piggy Bank: Keep loose change in your vase on a table by the backdoor or foyer so you can easily grab some on your way out. You never know when you’ll need a penny or two.
Teleflora's Cool Camper Succulent Garden

Regardless of how you reuse flower vases, they will make stunning additions to your home. But you need to get a vase, first! Order your Christmas bouquet or centerpiece today.