Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Sometimes, shopping for a gift for men can be a challenge. After all, how many ties can one guy own? For a truly original take on gift-giving, try a plant or fresh flowers, hand-arranged and hand-delivered by a Teleflora florist. Flowers can be a great gift for men when you pick out the right selection for his personality. Browse our gift suggestions below, all with him in mind. Granted, flowers are traditional gifts for women and some flowers evoke femininity as nothing else can. But flowers aren't just about pink petals and frilly ribbons. Instead choose for men stronger shapes and bolder colors and stay away from pastels. Tropical inspired flowers and plants are good choices for guys.

To say that men wouldn't like the color, fragrance and texture of a flower is like saying men wouldn't appreciate the finer things in life. There are plenty of blooms out there that are appropriate for any man who likes to live well. And think of all the men you know who like to garden. Besides, giving a flower or plant means that you won’t have to worry about whether it's the right size or style and it definitely won't have to be tailored!

Another bonus is that everyone who shares his space, whether at home or at the office, can get an instant day brightener just by glancing at the arrangement. Send your husband, son, brother, uncle, grandpa or any other male relative or friend a gift to congratulate him on a promotion, to say "get well soon", to celebrate your anniversary or Father's Day.

Teleflora's Exotic Grace

Bird of Paradise

Ever have trouble keeping flowers straight? You won’t have that problem with Bird of Paradise, also known as the Crane flower. Once you see one, you’ll never forget its sleek, angular form, similar to that of a bird. And its bright bursts of purple and orange give the Bird of Paradise a feeling of strength, confidence and calm.

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Birds of Paradise
Fairest of All


This bold, bright flower commands attention. A bouquet of ranunculus in red, yellow or orange is ideal for a special occasion and a special recipient. Resilient and restorative, it’s a long lasting cut-flower. An unforgettable gift.

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Teleflora's Bamboo Getaway


One of the most diverse flowers, there are more than 1,400 varieties of protea. In fact, it was the plant’s proclivity for change that earned it the name Protea, after the mythological figure Proteus, who had the ability to alter his appearance. With so many to choose from, there are bound to be several that are just right for the men in your life.

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Sunny Sunflowers


Both cheerful and regal, sunflowers have captivated people since ancient times. The floral equivalent of a great big hug, these classic flowers will be sure-fire hits. Consider a sunflower when you want to convey joy or mark a happy celebration.

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What plant could be more masculine than a cactus or other succulent? Austere and rugged, these symbols of the desert conjure cowboys and campfires. Succulents are the ultimate low-maintenance additions to any household.

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Teleflora's Opulent Orchids


Male or female, anyone with an eye for beauty will appreciate an orchid. These stunningly exotic flowers are a true sensual delight. Dendrobium, cymbidium and vanda are among the most well-known of about 30,000 orchid varieties, so the choices are vast, even for the most discerning recipient.

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