With so much riding on one day, offers foolproof tips for ordering Valentine’s Day flowers and achieving romantic success

LOS ANGELES (February 1, 2007) – According to the results of a national survey conducted by Ipsos/,1 Americans are not as romantic as they would like to believe. Although 79 percent of Americans consider themselves romantic,2 most admit that they make very little effort to consistently show they care during the year. In fact, during 2006, 48 percent of those surveyed did not send flowers to their significant other, 66 percent did not send a love letter, 42 percent did not plan a romantic getaway, and 32 percent did not cook a romantic meal. Despite this lackluster performance, 86 percent of Americans still expect their partners to remember and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So, how do Americans intend to prioritize romance and celebrate on February 14? The Ipsos/ survey found that:

  • Most men will purchase a Valentine’s Day gift (84 percent).
  • Flowers are the most likely Valentine’s Day gift (45 percent); a card is the second most likely Valentine’s Day gift (43 percent); chocolate is the third most likely Valentine’s Day gift (27 percent); and lingerie is the fourth most likely Valentine’s Day gift (14 percent).3
  • What men plan to give directly correlates with what women want. When given a list of possible Valentine’s Day gifts, women selected flowers as the most wanted gift (34 percent), followed by cards (24 percent), chocolate (23 percent), and lingerie (11 percent).

The survey also found that although 71 percent of men consider buying Valentine’s Day flowers, only 45 percent are expected to follow through with a purchase. Could this be because they simply don’t know what to buy and worry that a dozen red roses are too predictable? The expert florists at agree that this could be a possibility. Based on 75 years of experience, believes that the key to successful Valentine’s Day flower giving is to select flowers that complement the stage of your relationship, without sending the wrong message. Study on Romance

Here are’s stress-saving tips for ordering the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers no matter what stage of your relationship:

  1. Serious Commitment or Infatuated: I love you and I want you to know it!
    Whether you are in a serious relationship or just want to communicate how strongly you feel about someone, there is just one flower to send. Roses signify love and red roses denote passion. A stunning arrangement of Valentine’s red roses sends a resounding message of love. Recommended:’s 16 Kisses Bouquet- sixteen glorious long-stemmed red roses are delivered in a gracefully curved crimson glass vase, hand-etched with "heart flowers," $119.95
  2. Committed: I only have eyes for you, but I’m not ready for a ring
    You’re dating exclusively and there are definitely feelings of “love.” Show your adoration with a bouquet of red and pink roses in a colorful vase. Including different colored roses ensures that the arrangement won’t make her worry that you are moving too fast. Recommended:’s Embraceable You - multi-colored roses in lipstick hues, presented in a modern glass vase that’s shaped like a stack of red and pink bubbles, $59.95
  3. Casually Dating: Having lots of fun, but not ready to commit just yet!
    You've gone out a few times and you're having a lot of fun but the level of commitment is low. A simple arrangement of lilies or tulips is a nice way to show her that she’s on your mind and that you appreciate her companionship. Recommended:’s Modern Romance - red tulips topped with a frill of pink Alstroemeria, laced with a curvy red wire and arranged in a ruby-red cube vase, $59.95
  4. First Date: Getting to know you
    You really hit it off on your first date. If you are unsure about sending flowers early on, don’t be. Flowers are always a welcomed gift. Select a mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers arranged in a simple but elegant cube vase. She’s sure to want to see you again. Recommended:’s Touch of Love- hot pink carnations and roses, burgundy carnations, purple waxflower and huckleberry delivered in a pink glass cube vase, $39.95
  5. Friendship or Secret Admirer: Testing the waters
    Perhaps you are friends or perhaps you admire her from afar. Regardless, you are attracted to her but are not sure that the feeling is mutual. With so much uncertainty, you’d rather play it safe and you certainly don’t want to scare her off! Show that you care by sending an elegant daisy or carnation arrangement. Recommended:’s Ever After – alternating rings of carnations with round chrysanthemums in a petite pink, red and lavender floral arrangement, $32.95

To order from the largest selection of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, visit and know that your order will be beautifully arranged and hand-delivered by a local florist.

About is the world’s leading floral service offering the best choice in floral arrangements and convenient local delivery. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has approximately 25,000 member florists throughout the U.S. and Canada, with an additional 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America.

1 National Telephone Survey of 518 men and 507 women in relationships (January 2007)
2 79 percent rated themselves at a 5 or above on a scale of 1 to 10 where a 10 means 'very romantic' and a 1 means 'not at all romantic'
3 Some men may plan to buy one or more of these gifts in combination

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