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Plant Gift Guide: How to Choose the Right Plant Gifts

Being a plant parent can be a tough job. You must provide water, light and the occasional pep talk when they're feeling down. Plant care is a skill and like most talents, people have this capability to varying degrees. Some folks seem to be born with a green thumb while others find a way to send even the most hardy foliage to an early grave.

Fortunately, Mother Nature blessed us with many options, and there’s a perfect plant gift for everyone on your list. If you’re contemplating giving a plant to someone, you’ve got to understand their level of experience to know which type of plant is appropriate. To help you choose the right plants or succulent gift for your loved ones, take a look at our plant gift guide:

Easy Care: Beginner Mode

Let’s begin with the plants that require the least maintenance. Peace lilies are a good option because they need very little light and can survive a degree of over- or under-watering. They usually need to be watered once a week, and they’ll begin drooping if they’re thirsty, alerting their caregiver of their needs.

Pothos plants are another wonderful gift option, as they can tolerate both low and medium levels of sunlight and need to be watered only once every one to two weeks. Yellowing leaves and blackening stems tell you if they need water.

Next Level: Some Experience Required

There are a few primary selections that are suitable for people who have mastered easy plants but aren’t quite avid botanists. First, we have succulents. They evolved to withstand harsh conditions (and neglectful owners). However, they need at least six hours of sun every day and different species require specific soil and watering schedules, so a little technical know-how is necessary.

A money tree is the perfect way to wish someone good luck and fortune. These handsome plants want bright indirect sunlight, and they must be turned around periodically to ensure they grow evenly. Regarding watering, you’ve got to check if they actually need water to see if the soil is still damp (and if it is, hold off on the H20 for a few more days).

Expert Care: Plant Wizards Only

Now, we’ve come to some of the most difficult (and rewarding!) plants to care for. The infamous orchid comes to mind, as these stunning, exotic blooms are very particular about their living conditions. They must have the perfect amount of indirect sunlight, humidity, mist, soil and fertilizer, all of which differ depending on the variety. Talk about high standards! But their gorgeous blooms are well worth the effort.

If you want another challenge, combine multiple houseplants in one gift. In the Simply Chic Mixed Plant Basket, you will find African violets which need living arrangements that mimic their native jungle environment. Cyclamen and kalanchoe are extremely prone to overwatering and hypoestes (polka dot plants) need a lot of humidity, like orchids.

No matter your loved one’s level of plant expertise, there’s a green gift out there that’s just right for them! If you can’t decide, browse our collection of Best-Selling Plants for more gift ideas.