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Most Popular Types of Spring Flowers

Most Popular Types of Spring Flowers
Most Popular Types of Spring Flowers

Throughout colder months, many long for the sweet embrace of sunny skies and warmer weather. Fortunately, spring is around the corner! It’s a miraculous time of year, a period of rebirth and renewed hope and energy. When we think of spring, many of us envision lush fields full of beautiful and brightly colored flowers. Welcome the season into your home with a gorgeous spring bouquet. Here are some of our favorite and most popular types of spring flowers:


Sweet Peas

April is widely considered the first month of spring in the northern hemisphere, so what better way to celebrate it than with this month’s birth flower, the sweet pea? The Kensington Gardens bouquet features playful pink sweet pea, while the Isn’t It Romantic bouquet contains snowy white sweet pea flowers.



Tulips start blooming in March, making them quintessential spring flowers. They come in a vast array of colors, each with its own unique symbolic meaning, so there’s a hue for everyone! If you’re partial to pink or purple, consider the Passionate Purple Tulips bouquet, or say yes to yellow with our Sunny Yellow Tulips bouquet.



Also known as the Transvaal daisy in its native South Africa, these blooms signify happiness, perfect for spring. The Fashionista bouquet sports miniature blush gerberas, but if orange flowers are the object of your affection, check out the Teleflora's Sunrise Sunset arrangement. Ready your home for spring with red gerberas in the Garden Parade bouquet.



These delicate little flowers have a distinct, long-lasting delightful fragrance that’s sure to create a wonderful springtime atmosphere. The How Sweet It Is bouquet boasts hot pink carnations, but you can get these flowers in nearly every color imaginable, from bold scarlet and tangerine to muted blush pink and cream.



What says “spring” quite like the dainty daisy? They symbolize new beginnings, most fitting for spring! For a striking yet elegant arrangement, check out the Dancing in Daisies bouquet. Alternatively, the playful Teleflora's Pink Daisy Delight and Sunny Day Pitcher of Cheer arrangements are just right for creating a fun ambience.



These flowers begin blooming in March, meaning they’re model spring flowers. The Daffodil Dreams bouquet sports yellow and bi-color daffodils, and the Springtime's Here Bouquet arrangement boasts yellow daffodils alongside pink tulips and alstroemeria and purple hyacinth, which is also a typical spring flower.


Whether you want to go for the most popular spring flowers or something a little more eclectic, Teleflora has perfect bouquets for every season!