The Meaning of Popular Christmas Flowers

Christmas is all about sending holiday cheer. Spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts are common ways to celebrate, but filling your home with greenery is another festive opportunity to show your holiday spirit.  While the Christmas tree and wreaths are the most common holiday representation of livelihood, there are various flowers that can help you celebrate the true meaning of the most wonderful time of the year — and they look beautiful and vibrant while doing so. Read on for the meaning of some of our favorite holiday flowers. 

  1. Poinsettia

According to Why Christmas, the poinsettia is related to Christmas based on an old Mexican legend: A young girl needed a gift to bring baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve service, so she collected some weeds by the roadside. Feeling sad and embarrassed about her makeshift gift, the girl began to cry. As she placed the bouquet of weeds at the nativity scene, they turned to bright red flowers  — the poinsettia  — which were then known as “Flowers of the Holy Night” from that day forward, giving the flower its Christmas reputation.

Teleflora’s Large Red Poinsettia makes the perfect Christmas gift for a family member. It will arrive in an 8-inch pot and natural basket decorated with plaid taffeta ribbon, making for a sweet yet simple holiday surprise.

  1. Holly

Why do we deck the halls with boughs of holly? The meaning dates back to before the evolution of Christianity — holly was considered a greenery that could ward away bad spirits and celebrate new life and opportunity.

A gorgeous take on candy canes and peppermint splendor, the Candy Cane Christmas Bouquet makes a lovely holiday treat. Delivered in a white basket with a candy cane style handle, this bouquet is filled with peppermint and red carnations, variegated holly, noble fir and white statice. The floral arrangement is surrounded by decorations of frosted pinecones, edible candy canes, berries and red ribbon.

  1. Christmas Cactus

There are various legends surrounding the meaning of the Christmas cactus, according to SimpleMost. One comes from the plant’s native land, Brazil, where a young boy prayed to God for a representation of Christmas to relieve him and his neighbors from the heat and humidity of the jungle. The next day, they were surrounded by beautiful cactus blossoms.

Teleflora’s Merry Christmas Cactus Bouquet will leave an unforgettable holiday imprint on the hearts of your loved ones when it arrives on their doorstep this Christmas. It’s delivered in a 6-inch terra-cotta pot with a saucer and decorated with a festive satin ribbon for a gorgeous, festive touch. 

Teleflora has plenty more Christmas bouquets to choose from. Gift your family or friends one of our festive floral arrangements just before Santa Claus comes to town. Happy Holidays!

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