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Spruce up your decor with fall flowers

Fall is finally here and that means it's time for families around the nation to start preparing for the autumn holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving. A great way to get in the mood for all that fall has to offer is to get some inspiration from the outdoors.

Pack up the car and head to nearby parks or other outdoor areas to check out the changing foliage on the trees and enjoy a nice picnic outside in the cool, crisp air. All of the natural wonders may also get you excited to start decorating your home with festive fall hues.

A perfect way to start the transformation is to order fall flowers to be delivered to your home. An arrangement like Teleflora's Joyful Hearth Bouquet can act as a lovely addition to any room in your house. The collection consists of orange bi-color roses, orange daisy spray chrysanthemums and greenery. The added bonus is that the flowers come in a gorgeous rose gold scalloped bowl that can be used to house other flowers or fall trinkets once the original flowers have bloomed.

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