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How to Celebrate an Adult Birthday

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We all know how to celebrate a kid’s birthday. Balloons, a toy, some cake and a celebration acknowledging all of the big kid things they can do in their advanced age. Adult birthdays, however, can be tough. Many adults won’t offer up any idea of what they want, claiming that they already have everything they need. Then there’s the challenge of celebrating a special day when the birthday girl or guy may not be too thrilled about adding another number onto their years. And you can forget cake and ice cream if they’re on any sort of diet!

We worked with blogger Jenn from Sweet T Makes Three, and she offered up some helpful advice, even for people who are too busy for a big celebration. “Raise your hand if you’ve spent your birthday at work,” she said. “Raise your hand if you’ve spent your birthday at home with small children all day. If your friend has a birthday coming up and life is too busy for a celebration, send her a Fun ‘n Festive birthday bouquet to let her know you care about her special day.”

For adult friends who have a little more time to play around, consider tickets to a favorite event, a nice dinner out or even some pampering time. Indulge in their favorite hobbies, booking a class or buying some of the essential tools so you can tag along. “My friend Tiffany went for it and invited some of her good friends to a painting class. We all had so much fun together celebrating Tiffany and the wonderful friend she is,” Jenn shared.

Adult Birthday 3

Check out all of Jenn’s ideas over at Sweet T Makes Three, and then go ahead and arrange gifts for anyone celebrating an upcoming birthday! It’s always a good idea to get that crossed off your list while it’s on your mind.

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