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Creative ways to decorate Easter eggs with flowers

Easter is always an exciting time for families with young kids. Decorating and hiding eggs is interactive and a way for families to spend quality time together on this cherished holiday. If you’ve decorated Easter eggs before, you probably did so with the standard food coloring, yarn or colored sharpies. This spring, go out on a limb and let those creative juices flow with flowers and foliage.

Here are some DIY tips on how to decorate Easter eggs using fresh flowers:

Easter basket
Begin by gathering all your materials: Mod Podge (or watered-down craft glue), a handful of hard-boiled eggs, a paint brush and, of course, your beautiful blooms and greenery. Gently pluck the leaves and petals off the stem – stems are thicker, so it’s hard to paste those on the eggs. Start by lathering the egg with glue, but only in the area where you want your flowers. Place your petals and delicate foliage onto the egg and seal the embellishments with another light layer of glue. Adorn the Easter baskets with your beautifully crafted eggs, or hide them around your yard for your kids to hunt!

What’s an Easter brunch without an elegant centerpiece to decorate the table with? Paint a handful of hard-boiled eggs pastel colors like pink, purple, green and yellow. Feel free to add a bit of flair to the eggs by painting polka dots or stripes. While you wait for the eggs to dry, fill a thin vase with fresh water, and place it into a larger glass container. Next, gently disperse the painted eggs around the vase. Complete the centerpiece by adding spring flowers, like an array of colorful tulips, bright-eyed gerberas or pastel roses, into the vase.

Add some more cheer to your table and enhance that Easter aesthetic with Teleflora’s My Little Chickadee bouquet. This festive arrangement of white daisies, yellow roses and green button-spray chrysanthemums is presented in an adorable electric-yellow vase with a cute little chick attached to the side. You can reuse this vase for years to come – whether you fill it with Easter chocolates or beautiful blooms.

My Little Chickadee

Place settings
In keeping with the natural spring tone, make placeholders or name cards for your guests.

With burlap twine, wrap tiny, delicate plants like sedum, forsythia, horse weed, wild rose or baby’s breath around brown hard-boiled eggs. Write the name of your guests on a small piece of paper, hole punch it and tie it to the end of the twine.

For a bohemian vibe, create a mini flower crown to adorn your Easter eggs. All you’ll need is baby’s breath, two 6-inch pieces of 28-gauge wire, scissors and, of course, hard-boiled eggs. Start by simply cutting small pieces of baby’s breath, leaving only a little bit of the stems. Next, take one piece of the wire and create a circle that fits on top of the egg. Secure the wire by twisting the ends. Place the cut pieces of baby’s breath around the circular wire, and secure by wrapping the second piece of wire around each stem as you go. Cut the remaining wire off and tuck in at the end. Using a thin sharpie, write the name of your guests on the eggs.


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