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Celebrate a March birthday with aquamarine flowers

With its fresh, watery hue, the cool blue tone of aquamarine brings hope, love, health and longevity. According to legend, all those March babies out there who wear this gentle stone have the power to strengthen courage, increase joy and rekindle a marriage.

Instead of the typical gift card, movie ticket or one-day pass to the spa, celebrate the birth of your loved ones with a symbolic gift and send them a dreamy bouquet of aquamarine flowers.

Here are four bouquets with a touch of this enchanting color plus one extra arrangement special for March:

1. Everything’s Beachy by Teleflora
Aquamarine is a mixed bluish-green gem that is derived from a mineral called beryl. This mineral descended from the Greek word “beryllos”, which literally translates to a precious blue-green color-of-sea-water stone.

In keeping with the beachy, exotic vibe that the color aquamarine is associated with, send your loved one an Everything’s Beachy Bouquet by Teleflora. Brilliant blue hydrangeas, white asiatic lilies, freesia and Queen Anne’s lace come beautifully arranged in an acrylic vase with an invisible panel that holds a plethora of delicate seashells. This arrangement will make the special birthday boy or girl feel like he or she just took a stroll down a sandy beach!

2. Teleflora’s Seaside Centerpiece
Another arrangement that yields a similar beachy aesthetic is Teleflora’s Seaside Centerpiece. Shades of icy blue hydrangea and delphinium are surrounded by creme roses, white lilies and Queen Anne’s lace. For extra depth and emphasis, pitta negra and eucalyptus cascade around the arrangement, which rests in an antique mercury glass vase. Your loved ones will be happy to share this gorgeous arrangement with their family. Or, they might keep it to themselves and place it on bedroom nightstand. Either way, you will win them over with these tropical blooms!

3. Beautiful in Blue
Blue is a whimsical color that brings peace and serenity to the mind and body. Help your friends and loved ones celebrate a March birthday with this feeling by sending them the Beautiful in Blue bouquet. Sky blue hydrangeas, cream roses, white oriental lilies, alstroemeria, a disbud mum, purple statice and lavender limonium are surrounded with seeded eucalyptus and salal that complement the hues of the petals. The arrangement is hand-delivered in a vibrant cobalt blue glass vase that can be repurposed in the future.

4. Happy Hydrangea
Keep it simple while still showing some March symbolism by sending that special birthday someone the Happy Hydrangea arrangement. This heavenly bouquet of blue hydrangeas is potted in a 6-inch, white ceramic planter. These pompom-shaped blooms are sure to brighten anyone’s day with their cheery vibe and sweet fragrance. In addition to its grace and beauty, this plush flower symbolizes the relationship between two people, making it the perfect arrangement to send to someone you love on his or her birthday!

5. Teleflora’s Daffodil Dreams
If you’re a bigger fan of March’s birth flower than the stone, don’t worry – Teleflora has just the arrangement you can send to your loved one. The Daffodil Dreams bouquet screams happiness and represents a new beginning – the perfect gift for celebrating another year of life. Fresh-cut yellow and bicolored daffodils are adorned with crisp green bupleurum and arranged in a clear cube vase.

Before you make your final decision, be sure to check out all of Teleflora’s birthday flowers. No matter which arrangement you choose to send, your loved one will open the door with a huge smile on his or her face, as there is no greater gift than a hand-delivered bouquet of flowers on your birthday. Don’t forget to include a card, too!

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