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April Birth Flowers: The Daisy and The Sweet Pea

Much like gemstones and zodiac signs, your birth month is linked to a specific flower, and you might be wondering, “what is April’s birth flower?” Well, April showers bring two birth flowers! Those who celebrate their special day this month can commemorate the occasion with not one but two gorgeous blooms: daisies and sweet peas. Here’s everything you need to know about the birth flowers of April: 

What is April’s Birth Flower Meaning? 

Known for their delicate white petals and bright golden yellow center, daisies symbolize innocence, purity, fertility and transformation. They further epitomize the childlike joy and playfulness that springtime breezes and blooms inspire. While the most common daisies are white, you can also find them in red, yellow and purple. A fun fact about this cheerful bloom: Daisy flowers open toward the sun during the day and close at night.

On the other side of the garden, sweet peas symbolize gratitude and pleasure. With their richly colored, delicate petals, these blissful blooms have an elegant aesthetic that pairs well with their sweet fragrance. Sweet peas grow in several shades, including purple, blue, red, pink, white and peach. Some cultivators even breed these blooms with multicolor swirls, stripes and streaks. However, the one color you’ll never see in a sweet pea is yellow.

Celebratory April Blooms

After first asking, “what is April’s birth flower,” you’ll want to consider your friends and loved ones who celebrate their birthday during the month. Consider sending them a gorgeous bouquet filled with their birth flowers — whether that means beautiful daisies or stunning sweet peas. 

Teleflora offers several daisy bouquets, all hand-delivered by a local florist. Our Kensington Gardens and Isn’t It Romantic bouquets include the elegant touch of sweet peas. If you’re unsure which birth flower they like more, you can choose from any of our bright, eye-catching birthday flowers. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

If your special someone has a birthday this month, take it a step further by adding diamonds to your gift. They’re the official April birthstone – and, of course, they signify eternal love and commitment.

Sweet Floral Decor

If you’re daisy-obsessed, consider using these cheerful flowers to decorate for your birthday month. Daisies are also a perfectly sweet flower for baby and toddler birthday celebrations. Check out this daisy-themed party inspiration from Martha Stewart to start planning the event. You can also create a gorgeous photo op with this do-it-yourself paper daisy backdrop tutorial from The House That Lars Built. Alternatively, you can decorate with a classic daisy chain. Simply thread the flowers together by their stems and you have a gorgeous garland. You can use the same method to make flower bracelets, necklaces and crowns, which is the perfect activity for a kid-friendly celebration.

Sweet peas create a more elegant, sophisticated finish. You can also arrange your sweet peas in a leaf-wrapped vase, perfect for a centerpiece that celebrates spring and April birthdays. If you’re a fan of baking, sweet peas are also a perfect flower for cake decorating.

What is April’s birth flower without someone to celebrate? Whether you or a loved one has a birthday this month, daisies and sweet peas are great options to commemorate the occasion. Consider how these flowers might be the perfect addition to any room in your home or a cherished gift for someone you love.

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