April Birthstone Bouquets: Diamond & White Topaz

In celebration of April birthdays and Diamond (60th) wedding anniversaries send a jewel-tone inspired bouquet. Hand-delivered by a local florist.

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Both Aries and Taurus with an April birthday share the diamond gemstone

We have assembled a special gift assortment that includes sparkling diamond-like reflective vases for those born in April who have the ultimate birthstone; the diamond! It is the king of all precious gems, surrounded by romance, mystery, and passion.

The gift of a diamond is a token of affection and traditionally the giving of a diamond engagement ring is a promise of marriage. The ancient Greeks believed that the fire of a diamond reflected the flame of everlasting love. A diamond is said to bring its owner wealth and happiness as well as protection. White topaz, a semi-precious gemstone, is the alternate April birthstone.