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Get a free download copy of Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” song. It is FREE with any Valentine’s purchase of $75 or more! This free music download deal is just in time for Valentine’s Day. The song “My Valentine” is from Paul's forthcoming album “Kisses From the Bottom” which is due out February 7th. To be eligible for the deal, you need to place an order for a Valentine’s bouquet priced $75 or more . Within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email from Teleflora, the email will contain your free music download instructions.

Paul McCartney has written some of the greatest love songs in history The contrast of emotions of "My Valentine" makes for a sweet melancholy and an exceptional record. This is definitely not a silly love song. The singer is coming from a dark place into a regenerative love. In "My Valentine," he not only finds a soul mate but a passage to a better tomorrow. The light-jazz track features Sir Paul collaborating with Eric Clapton, who adds some beautiful guitar work to the ballad. The album features romantic ballads - originals and covers - rooted in the sounds of days gone by, in keeping with the Great American Songbook theme of the project.
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