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Ingredients to increase the life of a bouquet

by webdev

August 27, 2010

Have you recently received a bouquet of fresh flowers, but are concerned that they may wilt before you have fully enjoyed their beauty? According to, there are several household items you can use to extend the life of a bouquet.

Surprisingly, household chlorine bleach, when added to a vase holding cut flowers, can help kill off the bacteria that may cause a plant to rot or wilt prematurely. Only a few drops are needed, and be sure to wash the vase after use.

White granulated sugar or caster sugar can help flowers stay pert and colorful. A tablespoon of this ingredient for every quart of clean, tepid water will suffice, though you must add more sugar if you choose to change the water, the website reports.

If you happen to have some clear soda lying around, add some to your vase to quickly deliver nutrients to the flower stems. According to the news source, lemon-lime sodas are the best, and will not discolor the water.

The University of Minnesota suggests that recipients of bouquets re-cut the stems of their flowers and remove extra foliage. It's also wise to keep them away from hot spots and television sets.

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