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Holiday gift idea: cyclamen

by webdev

December 21, 2010

Known for their distinctive, butterfly-wing petals, cyclamen make ideal potted plant gifts for the holidays, though they give off a deceptively spring-time appeal.

The 12-inch plants thrive in cooler temperatures and will fill up a room void of spring and summer plants with their dark aqua leaves and vibrant floral hues, which come in a range of white, pink, red, lavender and purple, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

The most successful cyclamens do best in temperatures below 60, some as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with moist soil and bright indirect light, the website recommends.

Some cyclamens can even last through another flowering cycle if they're cared for properly. According to, cyclamens experience a dormant period when their leaves yellow and drop off, so they may look like they're dying. However, the plants actually going into a period of rest. If you wish to see it rebloom in a few months, stop watering the plant when you see it going into dormancy and wait at least another two months before you begin watering it again.

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