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Top ways to say “I love you” on a budget

Many guys are starting to feel the pressure since Valentine’s Day is now less than one month away. Even though their ladies might say they don’t need anything on the day of love, the smart men out there know this is just a game and that women do enjoy being showered with presents on February 14. Despite the fact that some guys might want to give their best gals the world, most must keep a more realistic budget in mind. Here are a few budget-friendly gifts your girlfriend will go gaga over:

Picture collage
Nothing will score you more points than a handmade gift, especially if it features all the fabulous times of your relationship. Making a picture collage is quite simple – just print out an array of photos of you and your sweetheart having fun and then paste them onto a book, or a one-page poster that she’s sure to melt over.

Date night in
Going out on the town of Valentine’s Day may be nice, but also a real shock to your wallet. Instead of going out, plan a romantic dinner in – complete with Champagne and dessert. She’s sure to be impressed by your efforts.

Discount flowers
Flowers are the true symbol of Valentine’s Day, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your gal feel special. Budget flowers for Valentine’s Day like Teleflora’s Ruby Rapture Bouquet that consist of red and lavender roses as well as fresh greens, is sure to show your girlfriend your true feelings.

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