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Purple & Green Funeral Flowers

Because purple flowers like hydrangeas or lilacs are found in nature, their presence at a loved one's funeral or memorial service may also help provide an organic feel to the space, showing life is everlasting.


Same-Day Delivery of Purple & Green Funeral Flowers

Purple flowers may also look best when surrounded by fresh greenery. Aside from offering peace and tranquility at the service, purple and green are also vibrant enough to showcase how great of a life your recently deceased family member had.

Many females are fond of purple and the color is both vibrant and regal, which may be a great way to represent your recently deceased family member. Purple is well known as a color of power and luxury, while also representing qualities like good judgment and being spiritually fulfilled. The hue has also been found to offer peace of mind and because of this, it is often used in meditation rooms or other soothing sanctuaries.

Purple and green flowers can be made into decorative wreaths or casket sprays in the shapes of hearts, crosses or just bouquets with a tasteful and modern feel. Purple flowers can also be shaped around a large picture frame of your passed loved one, which can help keep him or her in everyone's spirits, in a way your relative would want to be remembered.

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