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Meaning & Symbolism of Tropical Flowers

Native to the Tropics, areas of the world where the sun reaches a point directly overhead at least once during the solar year, tropical flowers are sometimes called exotic flowers because of their association with alluring, lush locations that are warm year-round. In fact, many tropical flowers grown in Hawaii today are thought to have originally come from such extraordinary places as the Amazon Basin in Brazil, the Congo Basin in West Africa and Indonesia.

Meanings vary among the numerous varieties of tropical flowers. Orchids represent luxury and rare beauty, and proteas symbolize diversity and courage. Birds of paradise convey joyfulness while anthuriums send a message of hospitality. But from the sturdy kangaroo paw and tropical bromeliad to the delicate orchid, all tropical flowers share a unique quality – an uncommon, striking spirit that reflects a sense of adventure and singular brilliance.

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Tropical Flowers