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Cube Vases

Send our best-selling modern colored glass or mirror finish cube vase. Your recipient will get lots of use from these cubes long after the flowers have gone they are so versatile! Same-day flower delivery available.


Our best-selling modern Mirrored Silver Cube vase, has a luxurious metallic finish. Created for Teleflora's exclusive Flowers-in-a-Gift collection, this cube vase features a distinctive silver "mirror" finish. Place candles next to the cube vase and the glow in the reflective finish sets the perfect tone to any special event.

With their simple lines and compact proportions, these glass cube vases give a modern sensibility to our colorful bouquets. You recipient can re-purpose the cube to create their own centerpiece to decorate an elegant occasion, they also make perfect knick-knack holders in the bathroom or bedroom.