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Carnation Bouquets and Arrangements

Pink carnations signify a mother's love, red is for admiration and white for good luck. Our extensive network of Teleflora florists hand-deliver the same-day, if you like.


Long-lasting fresh-cut carnation bouquets

Carnations are found in many bouquets, as they are long-lasting and their full bodies make them great as accent flowers or stars on their own. Carnation bouquets should not be placed close to fruits and vegetables. Read our floral care tips for fresh carnations for more info.

Carnations have been cultivated in the East for thousands of years, and each color has its own special significance: pink for a mother's love, red for admiration and white for good luck. Carnations come in a wide range of colors including pink, red and picotee. "Picotee" means the flower has one basic color with a margin of another color speckling it as well.

There are three main body types of carnations, spray, large or dwarf. Spray varieties consist of a group of small flower clusters on different stems, large types are the ones commonly used to accent flower bouquets, while dwarf carnations usually have several small flowers on a single stem.