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Top 3 ways to warm up the home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a day away and for those hosting, this is the day in which all of the loose ends surrounding the food and the guest list are being tied up. Even though the holiday is meant to celebrate being in the company of family and good friends, it may also be nice to have your home represent the warmth you feel.

1. Have the kids craft name tags
A great way to add a personal touch to the meal and to keep the kids occupied while you cook is to have them craft specialty name tags for each guest. Let the youngsters create Thanksgiving-themed name settings that you can place in front of each plate to let guests know where to sit. Family members are sure to enjoy the sentimental gesture.

2. Hold food contests
One way to get the family excited though a little competition is to hold a bake-off. Have certain guests bring a surprise pie and have people vote on their favorite, then gift the winner with a cute present. This type of activity is a great way to ensure there will be enough desserts, and might entice the family to try plenty of new sweets without feeling guilty.

3. Use flowers for flair
Nothing says Thanksgiving like a turkey, but enhancing the presentation by placing cornucopias for Thanksgiving on the table is always a plus. An option like Teleflora’s Crimson Cornucopia will add life to any table. The collection of dahlias, roses, Matsumoto asters and orchids is lovely and perfect for sharing holiday cheer.

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Classic Cornucopia with fresh flowers

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