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Top 3 ways to celebrate a new baby

Bringing home a new baby is perhaps one of the best experiences people can face. Not only do couples finally get to meet and learn about their baby who has been safely inside the mother's stomach for nine months, but the extended family and friends get to gaze at the stunning new addition. Since having a baby brings so much joy to people, it's only right to celebrate the occasion with gifts.

1. Personalized items
A great way to shower your friends with thoughtful presents following the birth of their child is to have a blanket, tote or other items monogrammed with the child's name or initials. These keepsake items are sure to become near and dear to the parents' and the baby's heart.

2. Classic books
It is never too early to start bonding with a baby through sharing stories with them. A great gift idea to send new parents is classic children's books like "Goodnight Moon" or "Love You Forever," that they can read to their baby as he or she grows.

3. Celebration flowers
No birth celebration is complete without a new baby gift of flowers, as these blossoms offer a congratulatory blessing to the new parents. An arrangement like She's Lovely by Teleflora is a perfect option for friends who had a baby girl. This collection of pink roses and hydrangea come in a white handled basket that is both classic and girlie.

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