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How to Say Thank You on Administrative Professionals Day

This year, we celebrate National Administrative Professionals Day, also known Admins Day, on April 27th. The holiday is meant to recognize the efforts of the professionals who keep an office running smoothly day in and day out. Their contributions are essential to the office and with April right around the corner, it’s a great time to find ways to acknowledge all that they do and show your true appreciation. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to recognize the administrative professionals in your life, here are five ways to show your gratitude:

  1. Send a “Thank You” Note

Something as simple as a thank-you note can go a long way this April. Your administrative professionals do a lot for the office so it’s important that they are recognized for everything they do. This is the perfect time to ensure they understand how important they truly are to the team and that you’re lucky to have them. 

  1. Take Them to Lunch

Treating your administrative team to lunch is also a great opportunity to get them away from the office for a little to show your appreciation. Let them pick the place and remember to tell them how much their work benefits those around them. They will surely appreciate the break and words of gratitude. This might even give your workplace a much-needed boost in morale as a result. 

  1. Consider a Gift basket

If a gift sounds more fitting, consider sending your admin a basket of their favorite things. The best part about a gift basket is that you can add anything you see fit, but it’s best to show your team that you really know them and their interests. You might add a bottle of wine, a gift certificate to a place they love or even their favorite treats. 

  1. Send a Bouquet of Flowers 

When it comes to saying a proper “thank you,” you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. An arrangement like Teleflora’s Shimmer of Thanks Bouquet might be just what you’re looking for. With yellow roses, yellow spray roses, light yellow stock and light yellow carnations, this cheerful bouquet will certainly brighten their day and show them your true gratitude. Or, consider something bold and elegant like Teleflora’s How Sweet It Is arrangement to express your thanks. These lush orange roses, hot pink Matsumoto asters and hot pink carnations will catch their eye and help them remember they are special, important and valued every time they see them. 

On April 27th this year, make sure you’re saying “thank you” to the Administrative Professionals your office couldn’t succeed without. However you decide to honor your team, they will surely appreciate the thought and acknowledgment.

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