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7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships survive with honesty, love and courage. While this type of connection represents drive and passion, it can also come with feelings of disconnect and uncertainty at times. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now’s a great time for those in a long distance relationship to express their love with a thoughtful gift that can help bridge the divide. Here are a few long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts suggestions if your loved one doesn’t live right around the corner:

1. Travel Bag and Accessories

Let your lover know you can’t wait to see him or her next by gifting a new travel bag or set of luggage. Then, you can both get excited about the next time you’ll see each other.

2. A Meet-in-the-Middle Vacation

Speaking of travel accessories, why not make use of your luggage and find a cute new vacation spot to meet in the middle? Do your research and find a cute hotel, Airbnb or other stay option for a quick overnight trip or a weekend away to celebrate your love for each other.

3. A Stationery Set

Sure, social media and technology in general make it much easier to stay in contact with loved ones from afar these days, but why not take a more romantic, traditional route? Gift your SO a cute stationery set so you can write letters and send snail mail back and forth as loving pen pals.

4. A Scented Item

For some, there’s nothing more memorable about their loved one than a certain scent. Perhaps it’s perfume, cologne, body wash or even a scented candle. Gift your significant other a gift that smells identical to you so you’re always on their mind.

5. Personalized Jewelry

From coordinates and anniversary dates to initials and cute quotes, there are so many different ways to personalize jewelry. Get something special engraved on a ring, necklace, cufflink, keychain or other item that your loved one can wear or use regularly.

6. Meaningful Flowers

Maybe you picked a bunch of daisies on your first date. Perhaps you mentioned how much you love the scent of roses or gardenias while searching for a new perfume. No matter the memory, a gorgeous bouquet of meaningful flowers can bring a smile to the face of your significant other almost instantly. From tulips and roses to orchids and succulents, Teleflora has so many beautiful options to choose from that your loved one will cherish.

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