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4 DIY Kids Crafts to Make for Parents Day Gifts

We’ve already celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year, but on the fourth Sunday of July, it’s time to celebrate Parents’ Day. The holiday, which falls on July 26 this year, was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1994 and serves as a special time to recognize and support parents as they raise their children. Whether you’re a grandparent, a day care provider or a caregiver, you can make Parents’ Day special by helping the kids in your life make gifts for their moms and dads. Here are four DIY kids crafts to help children craft for their moms and dads:

1. Flower Pounding Art
Since Parents’ Day falls during the summer, it’s the perfect time of year to make floral-themed gifts, such as art made from flower and leaf pounding. This DIY craft is great because it’s a lot of fun and creates beautiful results. Just gather a few pieces of white fabric (in a size that’s easy to frame), a wooden board, newspaper, flowers and leaves in various colors and a hammer or mallet.

Cover the wooden board with a piece of newspaper, then have the kids help you arrange the flowers and leaves in a pretty design. Lay the white fabric over the top and let the children take turns using the mallet to pound the white fabric into the blooms – just make sure you watch their fingers and toes at all times! The pounding will transfer the color of the flowers and leaves to the white fabric for a lovely piece of art the parents can frame and hang on the wall.

2. A Family Portrait
If the kids are a little older, have them draw their family on a piece of paper, then paint a frame to enclose the portrait (you could also print a Facebook picture of the family on photo paper for younger children). Choose a flat, wooden frame, and help the kids write a short message, like “We love you, Mom & Dad,” on the bottom. Then let them paint designs around the rest of the frame – older kids can use paintbrushes while younger kids can use stamps. Make easy stamps by cutting kitchen sponges into different shapes.

3. A Dandelion Card
If the kids want to make a card for their mom and dad, teach them how to paint dandelions using just a plastic fork! Paint a green stem, then use a fork dipped in yellow paint to create the distinctive petals on a dandelion – pretend like you’re drawing an asterisk with the fork, and the multiple tines will make it look like you’re creating a multi-petaled blossom. Then, help the kids write a message on the inside!

4. A Cork Vase
Cork vases are a fun idea because they can be used for both displaying pretty flowers and attaching small pictures or notes. Just gather a large tin can, a roll of cork from the hobby store and some craft glue to get started. Help the kids measure a piece of cork roll that’s tall and long enough to wrap around the can – you may want to use two pieces of cork and double up, just make sure the second piece is slightly longer. Glue the cork to the can and pin it in place while it dries. Help the kids write a short message on a small piece of paper and pin it to the cork vase to present to their parents.

Do you know a special mom, dad or couple you want to commemorate yourself on Parents’ Day? There’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make them feel loved and appreciated! Have the bouquet hand-delivered to your friends’ home on Sunday, and recognize the hard job they’re doing with a nice Parents’ Day message.

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