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Pink & Purple Funeral Flowers

Pink and purple blossoms can create a light and airy space that may help comfort you and the friends and family who come to pay their respects. These colors are nice options for a lost female relative as they tend to represent women.


Flowers in the pink and purple family shaped to make funeral wreaths and sprays

Many unique blossoms come in pink and purple hues ranging from roses and hydrangeas to delicate orchids and asiatic lilies. Having bold and bright flowers around for an occasion like this may make the day a bit easier, as will the aromas they give off.

Flowers in the pink and purple family can also be shaped to make specialty bouquets that can further create a space fit for remembering your deceased loved one. Funeral wreaths are a great option as they add some height to the space and may look best surrounding a relative's casket or cremation urn. There are a variety of styles available including a heart-shaped wreath made out of pink and purple flowers and can express just how much your relative was loved and cared about. Traditional round wreaths are also an option as are ones that can be placed around a photo of your relative, thus making the set-up more personal and heartfelt.

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