Red Bouquets

Red flowers are commonly associated with love, romance and passion, but there is much more to this hue than meets the eye. Red helps people focus and can be a great accent hue in a home, office or another business. Florist delivered.

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Send passionate red flowers

Red is a fabulous shade and can come in warmer varieties or darker shades, which may be one reason behind most people's admiration of the hue. It helps to increase enthusiasm, while encouraging confidence and people to take action, it also has been found to create a sense of protection from fears or anxiety.

The hue is correlated with the base or root Chakra which is located at the base of the spine. The Chakra helps keep people connected to the universal energies and makes people feel more grounded, trusting and like they belong. Around the world, red has many unique meanings. In a garden or home decor setting, red brings warmth to the space. Its positive energy also improves the vibes. Red flowers give off the illusion of "coming forward" in the space, helping to make a larger garden feel more intimate. Since red is known to draw attention you may want to buy red flowers for your upcoming party to help people feel more comfortable and to spark conversations about the bold bouquet.