Mother's Day Orchids

Imagine your mom's utter delight when her Mother's Day gift turns out to be a bouquet of Mother's Day orchids! Hand-arranged and personally delivered (same-day if you like) by a local florist.

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Mother's Day orchid delivery to mom's work or home

Trust your local Teleflora florist to design and hand-deliver the perfect exotic arrangement of orchid flowers and plant for your mom. We have many varieties of orchids to choose from; mokra, dendrobium, cymbidium and phalaenopsis, all in a rich variety of colors. The white Phalaenopsis Orchid is serenely beautiful, its elegance and simplicity make it the perfect gift for your mother, it will blend perfectly in any home or office decor. Our Cymbidium orchid plants are so graceful and zen, potted in modern bamboo containers and decorative planters.

Send a long-lasting orchid plant to mom for Mother's Day

A blooming orchid plant for mom is so elegant and long lasting, typically, blooms last 8-12 weeks, long after Mother's Day is over. These tropical houseplants can thrive for years in the right conditions, especially if mom has a green thumb.

Orchid Plant Care Tips:

  • Sit plant pots in a tray of pebbles filled with water to maintain the humidity level around the orchids.
  • Maintain good air circulation, always better to keep your orchid dry than drenched.
  • Mist orchids daily. Water your orchids with room-temperature rainwater or distilled water, or allow tap water to sit in an open bucket overnight so the chlorine will evaporate. and be careful not to overwater as it will cause rotting.
  • When the soil is dry, water the base (never the flowers themselves) of the orchid, and allow to dry between waterings.
  • Actively growing orchid: a good rule of thumb is to water orchids that are actively growing once or twice a week, depending on the moisture level of the bark or growing medium.
  • Resting orchids: water resting orchids every two to three weeks so the bark has a chance to partially dry out. Keep the orchid between 65-85°F (18-30°C)
  • Late spring: every other week add orchid fertilizer to the water.
  • Re-pot when the orchid starts to get too big.