Hydrangeas for Mother's Day

Your local Teleflora florist has a wide range of Mother's Day hydrangea plants, as well as cut flowers, all ready to be artistically hand-arranged and personally delivered to your Mom on her special day.

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This year, thrill Mom by bringing this beautiful garden flower into her living room. Why not request same-day delivery?

Potted hydrangeas are popular gifts for Mother' Day

When their flowers fade, these gifts can be planted outside, where they will provide beautiful flowers for years to come. Let your mom know to display her potted hydrangeas in a bright, partly sunny window, and make sure the soil stays moist so the plant does not wilt.

Hydrangeas don't make particularly good houseplants, so the flowers may not last as long indoors as they do in our gardens. When the flowers begin to look unattractive, cut off the flower heads (called dead heading) and plant the shrub in an appropriate location outdoors.

Hydrangeas huge flower heads come in light pink, pink, rosy red, lavender, light blue, bluish purple and blends of those colors, as well as white. There are two flower arrangements in hydrangeas.

Mophead flowers are large round flowerheads resembling pom-poms or, as the name implies, the head of a mop. In contrast, lacecap flowers bear round, flat flowerheads with a center core of subdued, fertile flowers surrounded by outer rings of showy, sterile flowers.

A favorite of moms everywhere, the hydrangea is so beautiful, so distinctive that it has often been celebrated in poetry.