Daisies for Mother's Day

It's hard to think of a sweeter flower than the charming little daisy. What better gift for your sweet Mom on her special day than a gift of Mother's Day daisies?

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Daisies are popular as a Mother's day gift

Daisies are simple yet sophisticated and are some of the most beautiful flowers in the floral world. Daisies convey cheer and exuberance. Not surprisingly, daisies are popular as a Mother's day gift as well as growing in gardens.

Whether you choose orange or hot pink gerberas, or white, yellow, pink or lavender daisies, your local Teleflora florist will hand-arrange a bouquet of these delightful flowers and personally deliver them to Mom in a vase, ready to be enjoyed on Mother's Day. Same-day delivery, if you like.

Did you know? The origin of the word Daisy is the Anglo Saxon "daes eage" which literally mean "day's eye". It was called this because daisies open at dawn as the day just starts to begin.

Fun DIY: Do you remember when you were a child making a daisy chain for your mom? Teach your kids how to make them and have them surprise their grandma with their cute gift.