Bouquet of Lilies

Lilies are among the most popular flowers in the U.S. Lilies are lovely smelling and come in so many unique colors. Same-day delivery available.

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Learn about lovely lilies: elegant and artful, lilies have various meanings depending on their hue. Pure white lilies symbolize chastity and virtue, while brilliant orange tiger lilies convey pride and prosperity.

Some types of lilies include the Stargazer lily, which is known for its striking white, red, and pink petals, and heavenly scent, this lily has become a favorite for many occasions. Called "Stargazer," because the blooms face towards the sky.

Tiger lilies are orange with brown-toned spots. The hues have been expanded into hybrid versions that can be white or pink. Trumpet lilies are also gorgeous as these larger, tall blossoms are descendent of the regal lily, a white species from China. Trumpets are very fragrant and are perfect to use in bouquets. Learn how to care for a fresh cut lily bouquet.

Lilies are the perfect flowers to buy for a loved one

Aside from being stunning and pleasant smelling, lilies also boast many wonderful meanings. Lilies represent hope, faith, purity, renewal, promise and passion. In Greece, the flower symbolizes birth and motherhood as it's believed the blossom was created from the breast milk of the goddess Hera.