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Pink Funeral Flowers

If a relative has recently passed, using pink flowers at the memorial service can be lovely and appropriate. Pink flowers tend to signify grace, gentility and happiness, many qualities you may want your loved one to be remembered by.


Feminine, pink funeral flowers for a female relative

The hue is also more modest than its cousin red and can also be recognized as a symbol of youthfulness, innocence and joy. Although the passing is a very mournful time for family and friends, some may feel comforted by the qualities pink flowers possess.

Selecting pink as the color of choice for your loved one's memorial service leaves you with many options in terms of arrangements. Standard vases of pink roses and white lilies may work best with your passed loved one's personality, while there are also more grand gestures available as well. Funeral wreaths or standing sprays can be made in a variety of shapes and offer a meaningful way to honor a relative's passing. Pink flowers made into the shape of a heart can represent the love people shared for the deceased, while the symbol of a cross could show the family's faith.

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