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Easter Lily Bouquets and Plants

The Easter lily is the most popular Easter flower, adding beauty and freshness to any space. Send an Easter lily plant or bouquet today and have it delivered by a local florist!


Send an Easter Lily to Loved Ones

Teleflora offers Easter lilies in a variety of styles and bouquets perfect for your celebration. The Easter lily plant, or peace lily, adorns homes, churches, and gardens to signal the arrival of spring. With their majestic, trumpet-shaped flowers the meaning of Easter lilies is renewal, triumph, and joy.

Easter Lily Plant Delivery & Care

Sending an Easter lily plant from Teleflora is a traditional way to commemorate the holiday. Be sure to water your plant and keep the soil moist. After your plant stops blooming indoors, you can plant it in the garden in warm climates. Plant your Easter lily 6 inches deep in well-draining soil. Make sure the spot gets full sun, and mulch the plant heavily. It will bloom again every July or early August.

Easter Lily Toxicity in Pets

While lilies are a popular Easter and spring flower, it’s very important to keep them out of households with cats. Easter lilies, along with other lily plants, can cause serious kidney problems if ingested. Since lilies are poisonous to cats — choose pet-friendly flowers instead. You can check out our Easter flowers collection for bouquets of daisies, roses, tulips, and more! With their bright colors and fun keepsake vases, you will find the perfect pet-friendly flower arrangement that still celebrates Easter!