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Blue Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

Blue flowers add cool and calm beauty to any floral arrangement. Always hand-delivered by a local florist.

Gift A Breathtaking Blue Flower Arrangement

Blues range from soft baby blues to bold midnight and electric blues. This makes the color a common choice for both men and women. In fact, blue is both the most popular favorite color among people all over the world and tends to represent feelings of calm and peacefulness.

Feeling blue? Order light blue iris flowers mixed with bright yellow roses to lift your spirits! Brighten up your family, friends and loved ones by sending blue flowers. You can also surprise new parents with a flower delivery! Although blue flowers are traditionally seen as the perfect gift to welcome a baby boy, our arrangements are not designed for one sex or the other.

Meaning and Symbolism of Blue Bouquets

Blue flowers hold a special significance in the language of flowers and, given their long-standing popularity. Whether it is the deep blue petals of an iris or the light blue lace of hydrangea, the wildflower beauty of blue star anemone and commelina or the dramatic arch of blue delphinium, blue flowers offer a cooling antidote to our overstimulated lives and anxious days.

Blue flowers express trustworthiness, confidence, intelligence and unity in its dark, regal tones.Yet, in its softer hues, blue can embody the uplifting spirit of a sunny sky or soothing ocean – perhaps explaining why so many of us choose blue flowers when we want to send a message of calming beauty, tranquility and peace.