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What your Favorite Type of Flower Says About You

What your Favorite Type of Flower Says About You

Flowers are a beautiful way to express yourself. Whether you are giving them as a gift or decorating your home, they can speak volumes about your personality and style. For a quick guide to what your favorite flower says about you, take a look at the list of blooms below:


You bring out the best in others and always see the glass as half-full. Daisies are a cheerful and optimistic flower that indicate that you cherish friendships, loyalty and making others smile. You have a knack for making people feel good, and you are always the life of the party because of your infectious energy and adventurous spirit.


Roses indicate that you value romance and passion. You appreciate tradition, especially when it comes to family and holidays. You are the epitome of femininity and charm, and you always strive for perfection and to bring out the best in others. You seek relationships that are deep and meaningful.

Orchids and tropical flowers

If the exotic orchid appeals to you, it may mean you are a worldly and experienced person. You love mystery and naturally draw other people to you with your one-of-a-kind appeal. You cultivate a small but close circle of friends, with whom your relationships are tight and very strong. You are private but honest and kind, and you always strive to look your best.


irisesIrises symbolize that you are a very imaginative and creative individual. You enjoy exploration and change and are very open to new experiences. You are easy to talk to, honest and kind, and others value your opinions (no matter how strong they are!). You are a loyal friend and keep your promises. You are a dreamer and you tend to be a spiritual person.


Oriental LilyAsiatic LilyIf lilies are your favorite flower, that means you are a very authoritative but nurturing person. You tend to take care of others, especially those you love the most. You take pride in your achievements, appearance and personal relationships, and your friends and others around you respect your opinions and experiences.


CarnationsMiniature CarnationsCarnations are a lovely flower for people who are considered to be very level-headed and down-to-earth. You like stability and are content with your life, friends and family. You are a practical and realistic person, and your friends rely on you for advice and guidance.

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