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Ways to Stay Connected with Your Best Friends while Social Distancing

During these tough times, we miss a lot of things. Casually shopping, going to the nail salon and grabbing a cocktail and dinner at our favorite bistro are just a few examples, but the simplicity of hanging out in the presence of your best friend may be missed the most.

Want to give your bestie a shoutout or show him or her some love from afar? There are plenty of little gifts you can send right to your best friend’s doorstep so you can still practice social distancing while staying connected.


Heading to the grocery store for a few items isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite priority right now. Why not take the stress out of your bestie’s day and send groceries right to his or her house? Make a list and add a few treats to the mix for a special surprise.

Baked Goods from a Local Shop

Local shops that are still open have a lot of different protocols in place to respect social distancing orders. Some of them are even offering delivery during these times – perhaps your bestie’s favorite bakery is doing so – so why not send a sweet treat right to his or her doorstep? This won’t only make your best friend happy, it’ll bring joy to the local business you’re supporting.

Shop Their Wishlist

Let’s face it – we’ve all been online shopping more than we’d like to admit. Even if we don’t make it to the “place order” button, there’s still plenty of items sitting in that virtual shopping cart. Ask your bestie what he or she has been browsing lately and surprise him or her by purchasing and sending it right to their doorstep. 

A Favorite Gift Card

It’s hard to say when life will return to the new normal, but it’s reassuring to know that these orders have been put in place to ensure the safety of the community so that you can, in fact, go back to shopping, dining out and pampering yourself to some capacity in the future. With that in mind, you and your best friend will likely be arranging plans the second you can see each other, so why not gift him or her a gift card to a restaurant you both adore? 

A Bouquet of Flowers

We have the perfect doorstep surprise: a gorgeous floral arrangement. From sweet seasonal options to traditional bouquets, there are hundreds of different flowers to choose from. If you want to be creative and your bestie isn’t picky, consider our Deal of the Day option. You can pick your price and a local florist will create a unique arrangement using the freshest flowers available. You can even ask for same-day delivery!

Don’t let the distance between you and your best friend keep you from celebrating your friendship.

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