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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for women. While all men might not be the biggest fans of getting flowers or receiving overly romantic gestures, they still deserve to have their love recognized. You don’t have to settle on something the man in your life won’t like when you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Keep it personal and meaningful to whatever relationship it is, whether it be a romantic relationship, friend, or even your father. Here are the top Valentine’s Day gifts for him this year:


Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Not all guys are opposed to getting flowers. If the man in your life is one of them, get him a romantic but manly bouquet so that he can enjoy the public display of affection without getting too much flak. Love’s Passion bouquet is the perfect combination of red roses and white lilies and creates an eye-catching flower arrangement that isn’t too over the top. Teleflora’s Sweet Thoughts bouquet is also a beautiful option because it is small but it will make a big impression! It’s the perfect flower delivery for an office setting! If he doesn’t get fresh-cut flowers very often, make sure he knows all of the tips and tricks to keep his flowers fresh during the winter. Write a sweet note with the flower delivery or give him a card so that he can remember this Valentine’s Day forever.

white lilies and red roses bouquet in red vase

Beer Labels for Valentine’s Day

If you have a beer lover in your life, a simple addition to their favorite bottles are these puny Valentine’s beer bottle labels. They send the sweet message you want and will get a good laugh, without taking anything too seriously. If you don’t think a simple 6-pack of beer is enough, you can put together a Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with all of his favorite things. Nothing proves your love more than showing your special someone that you know exactly what they like. A gift like this is useful, sweet, and can be done with just about any budget.


Massage for Valentine’s Day

Between the rush of the holidays and the gross weather, it can be hard for the men in your life to take some time for a little TLC. This year when you are searching for Valentine’s Day gifts for him, think no further than a massage! Whether you want to make it a spa day for two or just let him relax by himself, a professional massage is truly a gift that will keep giving. Then come up with some ways that you two can continue pampering yourselves this winter until it finally gets nice outside. If you do in fact have a spa day together, maybe you will learn a thing or two and be able to recreate the relaxing experience at home.

Telelfora Be Happy Yellow Mug Bouquet


Tickets to a Game for Valentine’s Day

You can never really go wrong with tickets to some type of sporting event for a Valentine’s Day gift. You can let him have a boys night and get a ticket for him and a friend, or you two can go together. Treat him to a special dinner beforehand and then get him whatever he wants while you’re at the game itself for the perfect night. For any true sports fan, this is the best way to spend a night and the most romantic gesture you can make.

Buying Valentine’s Day gifts for him doesn’t have to be difficult. Even a small gift can be romantic if you customize it to his likes and needs. It’s about time guys start enjoying Valentine’s Day as much as girls! Shop all our Valentine’s Day flowers and get all your shopping done.

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