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Treat Yourself and Stay Zen with These At-Home Spa Day Tips

As we’re getting to the final stretch of winter, you may feel the need to take a day to yourself to unwind and relax. Perhaps you’ve had a busy month, made hectic by a busy first quarter at work and constant family commitments. You deserve to take a few hours to yourself, unplugging from social media, to have a spa day. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars at your nearby spa, you can opt for an at-home spa day. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect at-home spa day:

Amplify Your Water

The easiest, most cost-effective way to turn your simple at-home pampering day into a full-blown spa experience is to infuse your water. Rather than drinking straight from your tap or filter, treat yourself to water infused with different produce and herbs. You might opt for the classic cucumber water served at your favorite spa, or maybe you’d like to try infusing your liquid with something more outside the box, like blueberry, rosemary, basil, mint, pear, cranberry, grapefruit, ginger, watermelon, strawberry or a mixture of some (or all) of the above.

Set the Mood

If you’ve set aside a few hours to yourself, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting every detail right. Make sure you create a relaxing environment, in which you can soothe your senses. Nothing takes you out of your happy place quite like the harsh overhead lighting in your bathroom and sounds of noisy neighbors next door. Turn down the lights, or light the room with candles, for a dim, calming vibe. Incorporate some relaxing, instrumental tunes that provide just the right amount of background sound to keep you uplifted without disturbing your state of relaxation. You can even create an attractive and nicely scented space by bringing a bouquet of flowers into the room.

Blend a DIY Face Mask

During this dry season, your skin might be feeling dry and lackluster. You might be interested in doing a facial treatment but may not know what is best for your skin type. In addition, you may want to stay away from many of the low-cost facial products on the market, as they are often packed with ingredients you’ve never heard of. If you’d like to pay a low cost while getting the benefits of an all-natural face mask, you should make your own mixture using some items you can pick up at your local grocery store. Mash them up by hand or stick them into a blender. Since they use fresh ingredients, you can stick the rest in your refrigerator for later use.

  • To hydrate dry skin: Avocado, plain yogurt, honey, olive oil.
  • For a glowing complexion: Papaya, honey, egg white.
  • For gentle exfoliation: Cucumber, milk, honey, brown sugar.
  • To treat acne: Banana, baking soda, turmeric powder.
  • For oily skin: Cooked oatmeal, egg, lemon juice.

Create a Soothing Foot Bath

If you spend large chunks of your day on your feet, you need to treat yourself to a foot bath, filled with warm water, a bit of body wash and a few drops of essential oil. Take your time soaking your feet; read a magazine, close your eyes or do other spa treatments while your feet are submerged. Follow up your relaxing soak with a homemade foot scrub made up of sugar, lemon juice, coconut oil and the essential oil of your choice.

Use a Natural Anti-Aging Treatment

Plenty of spas offer chemical peels and other anti-aging treatments that can help take years off your face without taking a needle to the face. However, you can get a similar treatment for a fraction of the cost by using an at-home peel. Depending on what brand you seek out, you might need to wear this product to bed, as it may take several hours to set in. Don’t let this discourage you; doing an overnight treatment just welcomes the opportunity to extend your spa day into the following morning.

Treating yourself to an at-home spa day is just the self care you deserve after making it through most of winter. Spring is right around the corner! You can make it.

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