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Top Housewarming Gifts to Buy Loves Ones

Moving into a new home is a big milestone and an important part of life. Whether you’re just out of school and moving into your first apartment or adding a member to your family and gaining some more room to stretch out, the transition is significant.  One of the most enjoyable and meaningful parts about moving into a new place is filling it up.

Another way people collect items of emotional significance is through housewarmings. It’s common for people to host dinners or parties for their friends and family to “break in” their new place and make it feel more like a home. Here are some ideas for housewarming gifts to give your loved ones near or far.

Functional Gifts for the Home 

Give a gift they’ll actually use. There are a lot of essentials people need after moving. Save your friends the trouble of running to the store or skimping on style and quality with something that’s cute and functional. For the kitchen, consider items like a cheese board, a serving bowl set or a nice block of high-quality knives. Gifts for the bathroom could include a matching soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and towel set, or a gift basket of scrubs, soaps, lotions and salts.

Flowers and Plants as Housewarming Presents

A new place can sometimes feel cold or dull with blank walls and bare rooms. Add a splash of color and a breath of life to their home by gifting flowers or house plants. When picking a bouquet, choose something with bold blooms and strong fragrance like roses and lilies to add a beautiful accent to a room.

Opt for shade-loving plants if you’re gifting something green since it’s impossible to know where exactly in the house your plant will live and whether or not direct sunlight is readily available. It’s better to err on the safe side when giving a gift that’s as large or expensive as some indoor plants can be. If you’re not in a position to drop all your green on some leaves, you could choose a selection of smaller potted plants your friends can then nurture and grow as they settle into their home.

Gift Accent Pieces for a New Home

You can’t go wrong with something warm and cozy, especially if the housewarming happens to be in the winter. Gift items like throw pillows and blankets in luxurious fabrics to add a touch of opulence to a new home. Scented candles, wooden decor and other woodsy accents also have a warming effect.

Regardless of what gift you bring to a housewarming party, the most important thing is that you’re there for your loved one to celebrate this important step in their life.

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