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Top Flowers to Send in December: Narcissus and Holly

The month of December is unique in that it features two flowers of the month: narcissus and holly. Both flowers can be used effectively as a part of your holiday decor this year and are relatively easy to care for. 

This bulbous plant is better known as the daffodil. The flowers are usually white or yellow, and feature a narrow, tube-shaped stem with an orange or white cup-shaped center surrounded by petals. The narcissus flower symbolizes respect, modesty and faith. It's native to the Mediterranean, but has been found as far as far away as China. These flowers are a great choice for people with birthdays in December because they're the birth flower of the month. 

Narcissus plants are fairly easy to grow and don't require much a lot of maintenance. It's best to plant them in the fall months so they can bloom in late winter or early spring. That said, the plants are known for being hardy. They'll survive the harsh winters better than most flowers and have the reputation for being featured in floral arrangements around this time of the year. Not only are they December birth flowers, but they also look great as a part of holiday decorations. Just keep them away from your Christmas dinner, because this plant species is toxic when eaten. Make sure they're out of reach of children and pets, too.

Holly is the second flower of December, and it's quite appropriate for the time of the year. Although it grows as more of a bush, the berries that grow at the end of each branch on the shrub are bright red and are associated with Christmas. It's popular to trim branches off of the holly bushes to use as decor around the house for the holidays. 

Caring for a holly plant isn't too difficult. Plant it in the spring or fall in an area with moist soil and plenty of sunlight. Try to leave plenty of space between each plant, since they'll need space to grow into bushes. Like its fellow December flower, narcissus, holly berries are poisonous, so keep this pretty plant away from food, kids and pets. Instead of using holly in your dining table's centerpiece, try decorating with holly further away from food, like on the mantel above the fireplace, for instance.

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